Clan Backgrounds Guidelines

If your character is a vampire, you will need to provide a background for the clan to which your character belongs. Clan backgrounds include VENTRUE, MALKAVIAN, NOSFERATU, et cetera. These backgrounds are locked to the relevant lores at 2. These backgrounds should reflect what the vampires of that clan reasonably know about your character. If a clan other than your own has special knowledge of your character, then you should provide a clan background for that clan, too.

The code to set clan bgs is:

&<put clan name here>-background me=What this clan has heard about you.

Example: &malkavian-background me=What this clan has heard about you.

Clan Background Examples

Clan Background Example
Malkavian Bernadette is off the radar. Nothing and no one to know about. She does have green eyes and a crooked smile. Crooked like a twig of a young birch tree.
Brujah Bernadette? What kinda name's that? Never heard of her.
Nephilim Bernadette who?
In cases like these, where your character hasn't developed any sort of reputation among a clan, you can also just not set the code.
Gangrel There's been a couple of things said about this Toreador between Massachusetts and Missouri - where she hired a somewhat older neonate Gangrel and his pair of ghouls, to take her across country by car to get to LA. What'd she offer him? Damn good question, that. Bernadette taught him about the Camarilla, and discussed a few urban legends with him.
Toreador (Bernadette's clan): Oh! Bernadette? She's the apple in her Sire's eye, blinding him from time to time which is why he sent her across the pond to America. Sure, the lass is well-educated, translating texts, reproducing valuable and rare manuscripts by hand to the 'T'. If she only knew how to mix inks herself, and prepare proper iron gall ink and craft her own paints like any illuminator worth his or her salt could centuries ago - but, the girl is not of the 14th century, or even the 15th. Nor is her Sire, in fact, and she searches still for a 'perfect' teacher to truly replicate these manuscripts. Her loyalty to the clan has never been under question, though she can be competitive as many of us are. There's no denying that she's had a fine upbringing and can be a strong, influential member one night if she plays her cards well.
Nosferatu Have a little secret? Another name used in another city? On the run from a scandal that has been squished? Well, things that are squished, leak and ooze, and sometimes rumors (true or a shadow of what's true) can eventually haunt you. If there's a chance that a Nosferatu may have heard something rather unpopular about you, or something that you may want to put into play, dangle the bait in the this background note for the clan.

Example: You know, the pristine little 'noble' Bernadette isn't all butterflies and bottles of fancy ink. No, no. Boston? Chicago? Ever wonder /why/ she was sent to the States if the whole world was at her disposal? Deals. This Toreador is making deals behind closed doors, finding texts, selling texts, and possibly forging texts. A friend of the childe of my Sire's brother said he was sent to get the Dameon Occult Omen whatever Collection from Brown University to hand over to someone who was giving it to her. What the fuck's a Toreabore doing with Warlock-sounding shit?
Tremere Ah, young Bernadette. Raised well. Polite enough. She's a very good illuminator, and copies antique texts with rarely a mistake. Our childer have run across her, now and again, and have had her translate unimportant texts. She is also an adequate courier, and able vampire who can find necessary writings for a relatively small fee. Don't be fooled, though, even with such knowledge and myth at her fingertips, she does not dig into occult matters nor asks questions.
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