Camarilla Background Guidelines

All vampires will need to set a CAMARILLA background even if they declare themselves against the Camarilla and consider themselves aligned with anarch ideologies. This background is locked to the relevant lore at 2. The information provided by this background should reveal what the Camarilla vampires in Greater Los Angeles reasonably know about your character. Keep in mind that if your character is known for aggressively enforcing the Camarilla traditions, then among the anarchs should know your character as an enemy. And vice versa.

The code to set this is:

&camarilla-background me=What the Camarilla believes about me.


Bernadette, childe of Lord Baxter Booth of clan Toreador in the UK, is not known to have gotten into trouble. Her nose has been kept clean, though her activities with other clans has been more of a curiosity then questionable. She's been known to be competitive, hard-working, and does not involve herself in politics - that's not to say that she doesn't obey the Traditions. Bernadette does obey them, shows respect to her Elders, and may believe herself to be 'above' the American neonates who she has found 'crass' at times due to a lack of courtly behavior, and quite 'liberal' in their modern beliefs.

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