Anarch Background Guidelines

Vampires will need to set either an ANARCH background, whether or not they consider themselves outcasts of the Camarilla. This background is locked to the relevant lore at 2. The information provided by this background should reveal what anarch vampires in Greater Los Angeles reasonably know about your character. Keep in mind that if your character is known for aggressively acting out against the Camarilla, then obeying each and every Tradition like gold, then the Camarilla ought to have some idea of your character's attitude. And vice versa.

The code to set this is:

&anarch-background me=What the anarchs possibly should think about me.


Bernadette …who? Who the /fuck/ is Bernadette? What kinda /name/ is that? Bernie? OH, Bernie, that snobby, blue-blood-wanna-be bitch from uptown. She might not say anything to us, but it's -how- she doesn't say it. How she gives you that kinda -look- like she knows something, or is better than you. Maybe she drinks blood outta a bottle so her lips don't have to touch something so beneath her. Whatever, man. Don't know'r, don't talk to'r, and she's someone's pawn, no fuckin' doubt. Definitely not onea us.

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